Do not try stop the time with bare hands. It is uselles and people tried it before you already.

This sign was first made by professor Hadraba. His experiment was painfull and he must get really drunk before it and even more after it. Then he made this warning to tell all of us there is no way how to do it succesfully.

This sign became really popular. But today we mostly undestand this warning different way.

"Do not disturb our time and mind your own" - that is the simple message nowadays.
SESTKA clock named STOP THE TIME are made in honour of all time-professor around the world.

The clock is equipped with special "doubleside" black and red second hand.

The clock is not flashing as you can see on the first picture very above. It is just a clip art for feeling the atmosphere during the dangerous time stopping experiment. White spotes on black hand are only stardust...

You can order this clock for 90 us dollars / 70 Euros.

Here you find detailed sale information.

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